Wild Song Yoga (WSY) was birthed from a deep calling to create space for connection, grounding, and holistic wellbeing. The call was responded in 2012 by the creatrix of WSY, Danya Buac. Since then, WSY has stepped forward to hold space for personal and commUnity transformation.

Danya embarked on her Yogic journey in 2009. Throughout her wandering, she was gifted guidance from many wonderful teachers who inspired her to share this ancient wisdom. Her path led her to study the boundless practice of Yoga and Samkhya philosophy in India, Nepal, Canada, and USA. Danya’s travels inspired her to investigate the intricacy of wellbeing through connecting with earth wisdom and the profound relationship between Yoga and the natural world.

All offerings from WSY are rooted in traditional Yogic practices from Northern India woven with modern functional physiology and alignment-based movement. WSY recognizes that Yoga is not simply a practice on a mat, but instead a complete lifestyle of holistic blance internal and external of our being. With this understanding, all offerings from WSY also include sustainability practices, herbalism, and Ayurveda.

The name of our Sangha (spiritual community) – “Wild Song” – comes from an acknowledgement of one’s wild nature. When one connects with their natural self, they can hear their unique heart song. Our offerings are invitations to inspire beings to listen to their rhythms, so they too may be able to live heart forward.


WSY recognizes and acknowledges the importance of building a solid foundation to build a strong Kula (chosen family). Like a resilient forest, we depend on diversity. Every being plays a unique and integral role that is imperative to our thriving commUnity. Through diversity, we find unity.

Our commUnity has grown to include a diverse and eclectic mix of humans. We have gathered in courageous compassion and radical acceptance to hold space for seekers called to nourish the connection to their natural selves and therefore the natural world.

WSY’s Dharma (purpose) is to build something greater than ourselves. We celebrate the eccentric kindred souls that come together to create this sacred space. We are here to guide the sacred container so that your roots may grow deep and establish communal mycelial connections, allowing your trunk to grow strong so your branches extend out, offering shelter for generations to come.

Every offering from WSY is accepting of every body – no matter what shape, colour, sexual orientation, or medical stance you take. We know in our hearts that every being is a beautiful manifestation of Divine energy, and we love that each unique person creates the beautiful mosaic of our world. Please never forget that you are welcomed, accepted, and loved for exactly who you are in this present moment.

Thank you for playing your unique role in building this resilient Kula.


WSY is rooted in the traditional Hatha Yoga lineage from Northern India. We offer a unique blend of this ancient approach mixed with Vinyasa and therapeutic styles of embodiment practices to meet modern functional physiology. Our offerings provide holistic approaches to wellbeing through establishing deep bonds with our inner and outer worlds. When you embark on a personal journey of transformation with WSY, you will come to connect with diverse paths for wellbeing. We create distinct offerings as we understand the diversity of each individual joining us on this path, and what calls to each person will be unique to their constitution and intention.

The three pillars of our school are like the three strands that braid together, weaving unique qualities to create a unified medicine package. These pillars are considered portals that we believe one must step through to truly dive deep into their inner worlds and awaken the light within.


To begin one’s journey inward, they first must lean into complete embodiment of their current state. Through deep self-inquiry, one can step into the realm of becoming their own Guru (light bearer) and blaze their own path to wholeness.


Once a seeker is fully embodied, they are able to move into a space of deep compassion and love for their authentic selves. This cultivation of inner embrace allows one to feel completely supported as they embark on their journey of homecoming.


After the portals of embodiment and embracement, a practitioner finds space to light their inner flame. This place of deep empowerment encourages one to step into mindful leadership and lead from their own innate potential.