Every seed planted requires nourishment and love to grow. Through the power of intention, a seed can sprout into the flowering plant it is destined to be. Within a seed, there are infinite possibilities – yet that seed knows what it’s sole purpose is here on this earth. It contains innate wisdom to evolve with the ever-changing cycle of life itself. It knows that even though it is small in size, it is an important thread to the web of life. Mentorship guides you back to your soul’s purpose. Through creating unique intentions supportive to your highest self, you can burst from your seed of potential and sprout into your innate flowering essence.

This program embraces the ancient wisdom of Yoga and tailors each session to the individual, making it a truly unique and personalized experience. Unlike standardized courses, mentorship focuses on the specific needs, goals, and challenges of the person, creating a one-on-one connection. By delving into the depths of Yogic teachings and customizing the content to address spiritual growth, personal aspirations, and areas of interest, this program provides a transformative and dynamic journey, empowering the individual to progress at their own pace and uncover profound insights that resonate uniquely with their soul’s path.

Through this integrated approach, you will delve further into all aspects of who you are – reaching a new level of understanding. With connection to this inner wisdom, you will be guided through the beautiful process of composting old cyclical patterns to create space for new seeds to be planted.

You are invited to embark on an inward journey of connecting with your own Divine Light and step into your potential. Will you answer the call?

we are honored to offer two unique paths for mentorship


This path is uniquely designed for practitioners looking to refine their personal practice.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Manifestor Mentorship program, meticulously designed for Yoga practitioners seeking to elevate their practice to new heights. With personalized guidance from seasoned instructors, this mentorship program offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills, deepen your understanding of Yogic principles, and unlock your true potential on and off the mat. Join the Manifestor Mentorship program and step into a supportive community where your growth is not just encouraged, but celebrated as you manifest your highest self through the wisdom of Yoga.


  • personalized Asana alignment

  • modern application of Yoga philosophy

  • mindfulness meditation techniques

  • Pranayama (breathwork) mastery

  • Chakra therapy and understanding of the energetic body

  • Ayurveda integration and understanding your Dosha (constitution)

  • Yogic ethics and lifestyle integration

  • exploration of various Ayurveda wellness & lifestyle routines

  • connection with a like-minded community

  • opportunity for self-reflection

  • access to various resources and materials to support your inward journey


This route is specifically curated for teachers looking to refine their teachings and offerings.

Step into a transformative journey of growth and refinement with the Visionary Mentorship program, specifically designed for Yoga teachers aspiring to elevate their teachings to new heights. Receive personalized guidance from seasoned mentors, delve into advanced teaching methodologies, and refine your unique teaching style. Join the Visionary Mentorship and become a confident and impactful Yoga instructor, empowered to inspire and guide your students on a profound journey of self-discovery.


  • advanced teaching techniques

  • personalized class feedback

  • advanced Asana variations

  • art of touch and hands-on adjustments

  • creative and intelligent sequencing

  • Yoga philosophy integration

  • compassionate communication and NVC

  • opportunities to observe mentor-led classes

  • access to materials and resources for professional and individual development

  • Yoga as a conscious business

  • inclusive and accessible teaching practices

  • community building


Both mentorship programs are offered in an integrative approach. They are guided by the 4 elements. With each element comes new lessons and characteristics. We will gather online through Zoom and journey through this unfolding together. Between sessions you are welcome to reach out with any questions that arise. Each session is uniquely catered to your intention. This organic flow supports what you need in each moment of this journey inward.

1 Month Mentorship

4x 90 min sessions
offered weekly online through Zoom



$350 CAD

includes: 1-month mentorship program including weekly 1-on-1 classes, resources, and materials

Looking for something more personalized?

If there’s something specific you’re called to explore deeper, please reach out! We’d love to tailor our Mentorship offerings to your personal and unique intentions.