Julia Bentley

I fell in love with plants and the practice of herbal medicine when I myself was sick. It was the first place I found not only hope for my condition, but a solid action plan that brought me long-term health. I am passionate about medicine making, and my goal is to cultivate the space for people to experience the healing power of plants in their own personal way. I also hold space as a doula and birth worker.

I studied for 2 years in person with Sajah Popham at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. It was a life-changing experience, and completely revolutionized my world-view in profound ways. My office and field work now includes the natural landscapes and plant teachers that are a part of my daily practice in this bountiful life I am grateful to live. I love working with people and plants to draw connections and catalyze the same spark of understanding I experienced in my training. Finding my school and training with my newfound family of herbalists was like coming home. My greatest joy is working away in my apothecary until sunset, coming up with new formulations to best serve my clients.

I have served multiple families here on Lake Atitlan, including supporting their births, and facilitating postpartum care. Birth is a profoundly sacred moment in our lives, and one you will never experience again. I hold space for the medicine of birth to be honored, supported, and protected. I completed my training with DONA Int., but I found that my own personal experience of giving birth was the greatest teacher of all.

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